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If religious tourism is something you are interested in, Chios taxi tours can arrange excursions to some of the countless historical monasteries located near Athens within the Attica region

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Chios is an island that pleasantly surprises you at every turn. The Chios land, with its fertility and individual character as well as major morphological differences between the central, northern and southern sides of the island has allowed its residents to create different living conditions even from village to village.
Hence, depending on the morphology of the land, the climate and the distance from the sea, each village has different cultivations, different homes, different architecture, different dialect and even different dances and customs, even the ones that are at a short distance from one another.
When traveling around Chios you will no doubt be seduced by the local charm of its people and the country's abundant precious art and ancient heritage. This is why is not possible to briefly describe the island. One thing is for sure, no matter how many days you spend on the island, there is no way you will get bored.
Feel and enjoy all the spectacular scenery of Chios Island
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Night tours of the Chios island

The major festivals are a reference point for the island's evening entertainment
Traditional festivals (panigiria) have a leading role in the cultural life of Chios island every summer, transforming the island into a celebration land, especially in August.
The occasion is usually a religious celebration, as each village has a saint to honor. On the day of the feast, large tables are positioned at the square of the village. The festival starts at night, drink and food are plentiful and the celebration goes on until the morning time, accompanied by traditional music by local bands.

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