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Detailed planning before the trip is always helpful, in making a journey more relaxing and enjoyable.


If this is your first time that make a reservation with OMIROS Travel, you must read the F.A.Q.s page.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our driver will be waiting in the arrival section holding a ChiosTaxi sign with your name, If you have any particular requirements please let me know at the time of booking and we will make sure that these are accommodated.
There is no reason to worry, this is why we ask for your flight or ferry details. No matter the delay, I will be waiting without an additional charge. I have an on-line connection to airport and port information, specifically for this reason.
Even though it is highly unlikely for this to happen, you may call our 24hr support line on +030 227 120 0000, quoting your name and our experienced staff will be able to assist. ***Such cases are extremely rare but we are obliged to inform our clients for possible unexpected incidents.
There is no charge for a cancellation up to 12 hours before your arrival time. Please informe us promptly in case of any changes to your flight / ferry schedule.
Even though smoking is prohibited by the EU, you can smoke in the taxi with the driver’s consent.
In case your luggage is more than the vehicle's luggage capacity, we can arrange transfer with another vehicle with an extra charge. Average luggage capacity of our vehicles is four medium-sized pieces of luggage.
You can pay at the end of your journey. We prefer payment in cash (Euros), but you can also pay by Credit Card (VISA / MASTER CARD, mention about it upon reservation).
You need to specify this at the time of your reservation. The equipment required will be available in the hired vehicle at no additional charge.


For those of you who are booking private Tours for the first time, perhaps a little clarification would help. By Greek law, tour drivers cannot guide inside the sites and tour guides cannot charge you for driving. A tour driver and a tour guide are not the same. It is to your advantage when booking a private tour to be sure that you understand and know in advance the difference, so that you are guaranteed the kind of guide you are expecting. As a tour driver, I can tell you everything I know (my customers say "More Than A Guide") about the sites, up until you enter the site, but Greek archaeological sites and museums are very strict about using only licensed guides within the sites themselves. I can arrange for you to have an Official Tourist Guide with an extra charge, if you think it is necessary for you, to have a full understanding of what you are seeing.
Unfortunately no. I have to follow instructions of Taxi Association. But I'll do my best to find the best solution for you and confirm your booking, using other types of vechicle like a Limo or a Mini-Bus.
Whenever you want . Usually we start at 8.30am or 9.00am Local time or when you are ready. We will help you with our suggestions based on our experience to build the best itinerary for your requirements.
We dont use mini buses,only sedan & limousine 4 passengers, you can have 2 or even more cars following each other and stop at the same places at the same time.


Please be advised that this material is presented for informational purposes only and has not been reviewed for legal sufficiency.



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