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Omiros Booking Terms

The OMiROS terms and conditions apply for reservations made by an individual, private person unless a special agreement has been made. In accordance with this objective, OMiROS terms has developed a Tranquility Agreement that is in place at all times.

By making a reservation, the customer assures that he/she has carefully read these terms of reservation and hereby accepts the Omiros Booking Terms herein.

OMiROS Terms And Conditions

In order to get a reservation, the customer must read the following terms and conditions carefully. These terms and conditions are considered as being accepted once the customer has completed the corresponding field and therefore the completion of the booking.
The agency has the right to change any of the following conditions without notice. Customers will be notified of any changes via email.
The customer can pay for the reservation in many ways such as: Cash, Paypal, Credit Card, Viva Payments all of which are the available payment services. If paying via Paypal – credit card Viva Payments and you cancel the reservation you will be charged 5 € for bank fees.
If the reservation is to be paid by cash, a prerequisite is the customers’ phone number. This is needed as our office will confirm a reservation with the customer two days before the reservation date by phone. For our and your security, all telephone calls are recorded. If the customer does not respond to the telephone communication then the booking is automatically cancelled and the customer is not billed.
If for some reason there is a change or cancellation of the existing reservation, the customer must inform the office by e-mail at least two days prior to arrival. Otherwise the customer loses the deposit or the total payment he has given.
In order for the agency to provide orderly services, the exact amount of luggage must be known and if there will be other special baggage requirements such as prams, large or special equipment or Wheelchairs. The customer must inform the agency of these when booking.
In order for OMIROS Taxi to provide services correctly, consumers must know the exact amount of luggage or other baggage with specific dimensions, such as large baby pram or special equipment – hobby or Wheelchair which must be mentioned during your reservation.
With regards to a booking whereby the number of occupants is large then automatically there will be a limit to luggage and the agency calculates a standard size suitcase for each occupant.
Our company must inform you that all fleet vehicles are brand new models, with air conditioning, seat belts, and maintain all the rules and requirements of European standards.
Our partners are all Greek professionals certified drivers with years of experience and are committed to offer high quality services.
Our main concern is the care, precision, safety and comfort of the customer.
The company OMIROS Taxi will be available for any reservation, cancellation, questions or clarification needed 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
The minimum booking deposit requirement for custom tours is €40, and this deposit is non-refundable. This fee is credited to the cost of the tour, but is nonrefundable if you do not take the trip. Custom tour during peak seasons and busy weekends require a deposit prior to trip confirmation. Reservations are accepted and confirmed after we receive a non-refundable booking deposit. An invoice for the total estimated cost of your itinerary will be sent with your reservation confirmation.
Whenever someone makes a booking they will receive a paper confirming the booking and which will include all the details. This will be necessary before the customer uses one of our Taxis. No customer will be able to board the vehicle if they do not hold this confirmation of their booking.
All bags and luggage must have name identification written on them. The customer is responsible for the proper counting of luggage and all belongings, boarding and upon getting off the vehicle.
All our customers are fully insured during the journey, and it is our responsibility to serve the customer without delay in the event of any accident or any damage to the car during the trip.
Smoking and the use and transport of alcohol, drugs etc is strictly prohibited.
The driver has the right to refuse a booking if they have realized that customers are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or their behavior is going to cause problems or is a threat to the safety of the driver or other occupants.
If there is a delay of a flight our company is obliged to wait for the booking up to 2 hours without charge. If the flight has been delayed for more than 2 hours then the company has the right to charge the delay which will be 40 Euro for each hour delayed.
The necessary information for a booking to be considered complete are the following details : Name and Surname of the customer , Flight Number , Arrival Time , Telephone Customer , Destination (Hotel -House ) and a contact phone number destination . Confirmation of the booking will be the customer’s “ticket” which will be printed and presented to the driver before commencing boarding the taxi. The customer is obliged to check that all reservation information is correct and correspond to all the supplied booking details. Any error should be reported in the form of e- mail before the transportation of the customer. The company bears no responsibility after a booking.
All bookings made are without stopovers and relate to personal reservations only.
In case the client has expressed the desire to make a quick stop at a kiosk or Mini Market then the driver will stop to assist the client for up to 10 minutes.
In case the client for personal reasons is forced to cancel a reservation, then the company entitles the customer to cancel a reservation free of charge if it is within the permissible limit of 3 days prior to the reservation date, without any extra charge except for the 10 € charge if the booking has been paid via credit card or Viva Payments.
If a booking is made by telephone then the company believes that the customer knows and accepts all the terms and conditions of the company. Please note that in order for the company to be covered all phone calls and conversations are recorded.
In case of cancellation of a reservation, the company publishes proof of the cancellation. It is the client’s responsibility to inform the company if they have not received confirmation of the cancellation. It could be that the company did not receive any relevant e-mail. The company then reserves the right to charge the customer if the customer considers the booking real.
In case for some reason there is a last minute cancellation of an existing booking with the customer's responsibility, the customer loses the total payment has given, If there is a third party liability then the company reserves the right to charge the customer the minimum of the unnecessary waiting hours.
All passengers are limited to traveling with one piece of luggage, suitcase or bag. The OMIROS Taxi Travel has the right to charge a customer if you have more bags or equipment which they have not been informed about during the reservation booking.
However the company accepts no responsibility in case of problems or situations which are beyond the company’s control, such as: Delay of traffic, Prohibition of traffic, extreme weather conditions, vandalism or terrorist attacks, road accident etc.
Updated B1 Terms And Conditions Of Use
Amendments, Refunds
We go above and beyond our legal obligations. Even though local laws don’t require us to offer specific refunds rights, we guarantee that we will honour our refunds policy in case you are not satisfied with our services.
Refunds for our services will only be made to the person who has used our services and was not satisfied with them.
Refund will be made in the same manner as the payment transaction, the refund will be completed within 60 calendar days from the day the service was accomplish and must be accompanied by the receipt or invoice for payment of the services.
Once you receive the refund confirmation, the OMIROS Travel will process it within seven business days from the confirmation date.
We will only refund to the person who made the usage or booking, using the original payment method, as the case may be. If the original payment method or account is no longer available, we will issue a refund via an alternative payment method in the name of the person who made the booking.
Please note, that the OMIROS Travel cannot be held responsible for your Bank Transfer fees, transfer anomalies, and/or possible delays occurring due to any Bank service issues.
Refunds will normally be made in the original currency in which the Usage-Booking was made.
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