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Chios Taxi Booking provides you effortless booking services in Chios Island.

Chios Taxi Booking

Chios Taxi Booking we ensure that you are picked up promptly and reliably, without delay or hassle.

We offer discreet, reliable Taxi Chios Taxi reservations without hidden or extra debits demanding clients who are looking for professional transfers during their stay in Chios Island.

Chios Taxi Booking offers reliable, trustworthy private transfers from ports, airports and hotels upon arrival or departure.

Chios Taxi Booking without hidden or extra debits, safe, comfortable transfers within the Island for tours, shopping or business, saving you time and money.

Request an Offer or Confirm the Booking

The pre booking is the safest way to know exactly how much you will pay for the trip that you are interested in. It's the only way to get support by a professional driver that you have selected, to arrive on the right time, to the right place and that you will pay only the amount that you have agreed to.
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Omiros Booking

If you feel more relaxed knowing that someone is waiting for you, then you can booking your taxi ride in advance with us
Omiros Taxi Pick-up

Omiros Welcome

Our driver will welcome you to the arranged meeting point and will drive you safely to your destination. Just sit and relax
We know that many people are looking for a reliable and dependable service, and this should begin from the moment we meet with you. One of our drivers will be on hand to greet you at your location and if you need any assistance with luggage, we are more than happy to help.
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    By completing your booking you will receive two emails to your inbox

    First (1) Message
    When submit the booking form you will receive the first automatic confirmation message, will be in standby mode up to check the details of your reservation and make any clarifications. It is the client’s responsibility to notify the department if not received the confirmation message, or if any of the booking details are incorrect. All the details you have entered / or have requested to be introduced in the booking process will be displayed in detail in the automatic confirmation message.
    Second (2) Message
    Once the necessary control elements has done, will be sent you a second message stating the full booking details. We will also notify you about the state of the reservation status, marked "confirmed" and you will receive a confirmation email with a booking number. This is the moment that your contract in relation to the products and services ordered will come into existence.
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